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Gorilla No Baka : 14/04 à 12h06
Thanks for the AOSP 9.0, and 9.1 :)
Mahid : 25/01 à 15h58
Hidden wifi not connecting in lineage os rom for Xperia pls can you fix it??
Bruce : 23/12 à 23h48
Do you have a working/not working list for your xperia mini smultron ROM?
Saro : 24/11 à 18h23
Plz work on new profile in setting for gsmming,when turn on gamming in setting cpu and gpu and ram set to high performane for game,plz incloud this profile in new update ,thanks
Saro : 24/11 à 18h19
Plz fastly remove this 400mb swsp in roms in new update,we create manualy swap in sd card
Saro : 24/11 à 18h17
xperia internal partition not fast for swap,plz remove 400 swap partition on roms,aosp,lineage os and ...
Saro : 24/11 à 18h15
Hi adrian,my xperia sp have lineage 14.1,and have alot of lag in games,i found problem,lineage os have 400mb partition swap,this swap make xperia sp slower,plz remove swap and inclod swap app manager in rom for create swap manual in sdcard or intrnal
Niraj : 28/10 à 20h42
Hello Adrain. I am sony xperia user and the support that you have provided means a lot to me. However I have a local made device and would like to start my own development. I would like to learn on how to build custom rom from scratch and the TWRP.
ZeRoBloOd : 15/09 à 03h46
I am having a hell of a time to get magisk to stick. i flash your patch from xda then flash magisk and it never works. Any advise? I can get Chainfires SuperSu to work but not magisk. could you please email me at
lowkrsbhs : 11/09 à 07h21
Hello, I'm interested in forking this repo for my expressatt since it has the same SoC, gpu, and cpu. I'm new at this so do you know how I can get started? I check twitter (@lowkrsbhs) so I would prefer if we chat on that. Thanks!
Thomgeek50 : 05/09 à 17h16
Hi AdrianDC
ShouLie : 01/09 à 18h20
Where and how did you learn being able to do those awesome development works?:-D
Rizky_Hafitsyah : 06/08 à 04h07
Hii, terima kasih atas kinerja nya untuk perangkat sony xperia
Merchupi : 20/07 à 12h29
Thanks for your development in Sony SP. I am a big follower of you job. In fact, I recently bought an Xperia X Performance to continue enjoying your work. Saludos desde Madrid.
Merchupi : 20/07 à 12h28
Thanks for your development in Sony SP. I am a big follower of you job. In fact, I recently bought an Xperia X Performance to continue enjoying your work. Saludos desde Madrid.
Kalimhero : 17/07 à 11h58
I download lineageos 15.1 on basketbuilds for Xperia V and it's work. Thanks you so much. I would like learn how to do to help you if you want of course
yash : 13/07 à 05h58
hello! Thank you for your amazing work on xperia devices. I was thinking maybe if you had time for giving me the basics for porting an Android Go based rom for Micromax a110q
SkanDrk95 : 12/07 à 23h44
Hola, espero que te encuentres bien, estoy muy ansioso por ver la nueva actualizacion para XSP
VM UNIQUE _FROM IRAN : 11/09 à 13h58
HI BRO _ THANKS FOR ( AOSP Oreo for Xperia SP) ROM :v
agent_459 : 05/08 à 17h33
hello from russia, forum 4pda. thanks for your work! we are all waiting for your new rom for xperia sp here!
Nhicko95 : 22/07 à 07h16
Thanks for all of your ROMs for mint can't wait to get aosp8.0
Droid : 12/04 à 15h13
Hatts off to you man! You are crazy! Nobody even has the patience to do so much for old devices!
Tuan : 23/03 à 17h50
Hi Adrian, It's so long time from the first time I tried to install your theme on my LG Viewty. It's so awesome! You motivated me to follow my dream and now I became a programmer. I have chance to do everything i've dreamed about.
ManhNCT : 21/02 à 04h45
Dear Adrian, I've tried cm14 rom for sony xperia sp, it works well. thanks for your contribution
sweettwit : 01/01 à 17h58
Thank you for developing (Sony Xperia SP)
C. : 27/12 à 01h36
Thanks a ton for reviving my Xperia T!! :-)
Nasnaj : 29/10 à 21h26
Thanks for CM14.1 on XSP
zero : 26/10 à 17h29
thanks for your hardwork
Div : 03/10 à 15h17
Thanks for cm 14 on Xperia SP
lasdnm : 24/08 à 03h01
Thanks for your work on the xperia tx
CopperBot : 08/05 à 23h44
Thanks for your work on the Xperia SP !

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