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pascalGf : 03/03 à 13h19
hi Devon let the loosers with the loosers , this guy gonna never change , received no EDUCATION!!
pascalGf : 03/03 à 13h17
Devon : 01/03 à 16h45
thank you pascal, I find myself on a real private, alibaba cave in funk, the other thieves I did not finish with him, use of false name and fake paypal, I brought several complaints
pascalGf : 01/03 à 10h02
thanks a lot for many mails for VIP room , new one will be OPEN begin next week !!!! old one is full , you can mail on or subscribe on vip logo
Memphis1960 : 22/02 à 20h33
greetings , bentleyfunk or pascal , how can i post some stuff on the blogs ?
pascalGf : 21/02 à 11h53
hey everyone , for box access you can mail me
mistique : 21/02 à 11h51
hey bentley thanks for the box code , nice day
denilson : 19/02 à 15h58
thank you pascal for the mail and the invitation, here is the paradise of funk as the bentleyfunk blogs have always been, I wish you a good day denilson.p
PRINCElover : 17/02 à 20h19
hey Bentley just subscribe to the private rooms , can you send me the access? salutations
pascalGf : 16/02 à 14h27
hi boogieman , instruction send to your mail , paypal ok
BOOGIEman : 15/02 à 18h01
thanks pascal for me this perfect price , cal you tell how much airmail shipping to Florida ? & paypal ok for you ? see you
pascalGf : 14/02 à 20h52
marco - stephane - fonk13 , i gonna add you tommorow on private !! regards
pascalGf : 14/02 à 20h51
quick response always by email preferably
pascalGf : 14/02 à 20h50
220 euros
pascalGf : 14/02 à 20h50
BOOGIEman : 14/02 à 13h36
Greetings to all and thanks to add me , i have a request please , i need the controllers albums , is there a chance to grab it ?
Brooks&family : 13/02 à 15h16
hello bentleyfunk , just make a paypal vip for 5 years what i need to do now ? best regards
stax1970 : 13/02 à 13h34
thank you very much pascal this is a speed service
phdeazae : 12/02 à 20h01
greetings from the UK , thanks for subscribe , very nice blog
pascalGf : 12/02 à 19h07
for info !!! i have a lot of mails daily , i answer but easy lol thx
pascalGf : 12/02 à 19h05
hi everyone , ok stax , ricky je te dis quoi par mail
Ricky : 12/02 à 18h37
bonsoir pascal a tu regarder pour ma demande et combien ? merci a toi
santiago : 12/02 à 17h52
pascal thanks a lot to add me here , can you please look your mail , see you later
stax1970 : 12/02 à 17h34
bentley , latest edition is very nice , paypal 150 done , thanks
pascalGf : 12/02 à 11h57
immediate and quick response better on email
pascalGf : 12/02 à 11h54
HI everyone , a lot of mails about de tchat , you need also to become a member to write here ,
pascalGf : 11/02 à 21h36 or thx
pascalGf : 11/02 à 21h36
You can contact me immediately by email for any request
pascalGf : 11/02 à 21h31
bonsoir ricky
pascalGf : 11/02 à 21h30
stax i can do it for 150 euro all the 213 editions let me now
Ricky : 11/02 à 21h27
salut pascal ta bien fait de mettre un tchat ici je voudrais bien le firdt touch 2018 la promo stp comment faire ?
Pascalgf : 11/02 à 21h23
Pascalgf : 11/02 à 21h21
Akeno welcome , i can sale you the origial cd if you want
AKENO : 11/02 à 21h18
good evening, is it possible to buy a rip of zapp evolution
Pascalgf : 11/02 à 21h14
there are several possibilities to become members, the simple type, via the VIP logo, for the rest by mail thank you
Soul-HeartUK : 11/02 à 21h10
what i need to do to become a member vip ?
stax1970 : 11/02 à 21h04
i need a rar ith all the funk bombs albums , how much please ?
stax1970 : 11/02 à 21h04
Hi bentley

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